3X Larger Screen

Revolutionize your charging experience with extreme visualization! Our innovative large screen, 3x larger than regular EV charger screens, brings a new dimension to convenience and control. Navigate your charging journey with unparalleled ease, setting a new standard for clarity and efficiency in every interaction.

Type 2 Connector

Seamlessly compatible with a wide range of electric vehicles, our EV charger is designed to effortlessly power up your ride. Embrace the convenience of universal compatibility, ensuring that whether you drive a sleek sedan, a versatile SUV, or a cutting-edge electric vehicle, our charger is your go-to solution. Experience charging made simple, accessible, and tailored to meet the needs of your electric journey. Power up with confidence, knowing that our charger is ready for your diverse electric vehicle fleet.

Ergonomic Design

Experience the pinnacle of charging sophistication with our products, where ergonomic design meets the pursuit of the ultimate charging experience. Elevate your charging routine to new heights of convenience, style, and efficiency – because every moment counts.

Unique wall hanging Design

Experience innovation with our unique wall-hanging design – neat, dustproof, and stain-resistant.

Interface protection

Durable and reliable – our design ensures protection for both upper and bottom interfaces, remaining intact through repeated and prolonged use.

6m Cables

Charge with ease using our 6m cables – flexibility at your fingertips.

Schuko Plug

Plug and play with ease! Our EV charger, compatible with 230V voltage and Schuko plug, is designed for effortless home use – no electrician installation required!