To be the leading name in personal EV charging solutions

Joe Lin, Founder and CEO


When I bought my Tesla in 2020, I faced challenges with inconvenient and costly public charging. This inspired me to seek a hassle-free charging solution for my electric car at home.

After experiencing issues with a bulky charging pile damaging my car's port, I collaborated with my friend Li Shaoke, a tech expert, to create a user-friendly charging solution tailored for electric car owners like us.

Through thorough market research and months of development, we crafted a cutting-edge charging pile that surpassed expectations and received positive feedbacks.

With this solution, electric car drivers can effortlessly recharge at home, eliminating reliance on public charging and easing range anxiety. Simply plugging into a standard home socket ensures a full charge overnight, ready for the next day's journey.

The discharge output socket can also be your reliable support when camping outdoors. In critical situations, you can assist others or the opposite way instead.

I am thankful for the support from partners and believers in our product, which has fueled our success as entrepreneurs.

A Lifud Company

Rheidon Tech is set up by leveraging the technology advantage, as well as the manufacturing and supplying capability of Lifud who is one of the leading LED driver brands in the world.

Rheidon Tech strives to provide the world with the best energy products. With our reliable, professional engineers, highly talented team, deep cooperation with powerful component suppliers and most committed service system, we provide our clients with safe, stable and efficient solutions for all different kinds of energy projects.