Personal Space Pro

"The Introvert-Friendly Charger"

Watts All About You

Portable EV Charger

Rheidon Time

Rheidon Tech PC200

Suitable For 100% Private Scenes

Your Castle, Your Charge

Charging at home is no longer a mundane task. Our charger blends into your domestic kingdom effortlessly, providing a faithful steed to your chariot. It's like having a power butler, always at the ready to serve up some serious wattage with aristocratic flair.

Powering Productivity

At the office, our charger stands as a beacon of efficiency. Power up your EV while you power through your tasks. It's sleek, unobtrusive, and whispers quiet – this silent partner ensures you're always charged for that next big meeting or after-work escape.

Wild Watts Await

And for the wild at heart? Take our charger to the great outdoors. Its rugged build and quick setup turn any remote spot into a personal pit stop. With the freedom to charge amidst nature, your excursions just got an upgrade. With Rheidon Tech, the world is your charging oyster!



Let's grow your business together

We cater to a diverse range of partners across European countries. Our exclusive support includes industry-leading EV charging equipment and personalized 1-on-1 training, which helps our partners gain a competitive edge in EV charging. Join us in our mission to purify the world by partnering with us!

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